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SMSF Commercial Loans are suitable for self employed individuals that own a small to medium sized business.

Typically there are two common scenarios:-

1/ Currently renting premises and now wish to purchase using a SMSF Commercial loan, or

2/ Owning a commercial property and now wishing to transfer to a SMSF structure to take advantage of tax benefits.

Factors that need to be considered include:-

Loan to Value Ratio. (each lvr is priced according to risk)

  • 50% Non recourse, indicative pricing, add approx. 1.5% to above rate
  • 65% 15 years p/i, indicative pricing, as above
  • 70% 15 years p/i, indicative pricing, add approx. 1% to above rate
  • 75% 25 years p/i  indicative pricing, add approx. 2.5% to above rate

If you can provide a 35% deposit and the smsf shows regular contributions then this is generally the cheapest way to finance commercial property.

Application Fees

For smsf commercial loans, lenders normally charge 0.5% to 1% in application fees. On a $1m commercial loan this amounts to $10,000.

On standard commercial security possible it may be possible to buy with No Application fee. To know more please let us know.

And finally for any smsf commercial loan make sure you have a good set of professionals such as accountants and lawyers helping you.

Typical smsf commercial loan structure

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